PLease don,t leave me رجاء لا تتركينى

I'm having a terrible day
My mind is filled with thoughts of you
But yet, your not here
I see you everywhere I go
I get my hopes up thinking it's you
But I soon discover it's not
I feel myself sinking deeper into sadness
Wondering why my mind is playing these cruel tricks on me
But the answer is simple
I want to see you
When your not here I feel like your going to dissapear
Please, don't go
Don't leave me all alone
Sometimes I think it's all a dream
That you never really came back
I just dreamt it all up
But that's not the case
You do exist, you did come back
And I will see you again
But telling myself this doesn't do anything
It still feels like a dream
But the most craziest thing is
When I see you I forget all of these worries
When I see you, that's all that matters
It's just me and you


الجودي يقول...

U lose ur precious time of ur happens minutes with worries
Come on brother keep up & be positive always
In her absent think how to surprise her with a wonderful things
That she likes
& don’t ever west ur time to think like that she will never back
Also if it happens, it's not the world

قوس قزح يقول...

Al Joody
How i can surprise her of wonderful things if she is not around ?
poeple lefting our life suddendly
leave deep wounds in our hearts

with nore deep sorrow

Have a ncie day

غير معرف يقول...

when they leave ,, they don't know what they do in our hearts , they don't care if we cry or die ,, they go without any reason important eventhough in our minds .. they go without any address , without any evidence prove that we were a sweet memory at least ..
وسن ..!

قوس قزح يقول...

وسن .. !

They Left and left in our hearts the pain and the wounds .left and not knowing they caused us a tragedy in our lives
Thank you for your post here

Fine not deny

سلة ميوّة يقول...

so sensory so sad...

I'll pray for a rainbow to bright out ur sight.....

have a nice weekend

قلب المحبة يقول...

تبدع بالعربي وبالانجليزي

Keep It Up

غير معرف يقول...

Hi Again ...

she isn't here and you aren't here
but it's still a dream ..
don't give up and keep trying to hold her for ever, even if that meant losing everything ..
I have the same feeling of what could happing to me if I lost anyone who I loved some day ..
and the nightmare still around !!

I Like to write and explain our feeling in Arabic ,, I find it more sensitive ..

غير معرف يقول...

بصراحه ما اعرف بالانلجيزي يعني اعترف (:
لكن حبية احط تحياتي لك يا صديقي ..

وتمنياتي لك بالسعاده ...

وكل عام وانت بخير ..

قوس قزح يقول...

سلة ميوه
Thank you being here .

I hope that , God will listen to ur prayer . Your words touched me

Have a nice day ..

قوس قزح يقول...

قلب المحبة

يحفظك ربى

thanks a lot

قوس قزح يقول...


Hi again and again .. :)

Yes , Bad feeling to lose our lovers , I,ll keep waiting and loving her . Go a head express your feeling in arabic or any language more , love don,t know nationality or language .
thank you for your share
Nice wishing for you dear ..

قوس قزح يقول...



البوست عن أحبائنا حين يتركونا
أو لا نجدهم حولنا فى يوم من الايام
شعور مفعم بالحزن
ورجاء و آمال بأن نلتقيهم


عزيزتى شكراً لك كثير و لطلتك

ودى و تحياتى

أنثى من حرير يقول...

كما أنت مبدع بـ العربيه والانجليزيه
كم هي ممتعه قرأت حرفك


كن بخير

نبض قلبه يقول...

رائعه طبعاً لما ترجمتها

ودي لك