always forgotten

No one cared. no one tried. she always, hid in her disguise. everyone thought she was happy. but no one knew the true,heartbroken passion. she was always left out never given a chance, now she's the girl with the gun to her head. they will never understand her pain. until the doctor said the bullet went to her brain. now here comes the sorrows,sorry's and good-byes. but its too late because she was a disguise. never wanted anyone to fell sorrow for her, so she hid it the best from her fellowers.. now that she's gone because no one ever asked why she will never forget the day you passed by. she still loves you with all that she's got, hope you wont make the next girl cry. she wishes the best for you and your new life.. always forgotten but never asked why?


Blue Bird يقول...

Realy wonderful
I feel so sad , some tears in my eyes , this girl suffering ,
hard this life ,

قوس قزح يقول...

Blue Bird
You wlecome , a bit sad , It,s the life. some whom truly trusted
may cause the pain ..
... back again ..

غير معرف يقول...

Dear قوس قزح
A sad post indeed!

PS: there are some spelling mistakes which caused misinterpreting the message.

قوس قزح يقول...

Dear ,
yes it,s a real sadness
Sorry for this but realy it,s there already ,i saw these Miserable soules in reality .
PS :
sorry for spelling , i copied the parographe as it is .I read but not check . some webs presenting the letters of members as it in thier own language .